Behind the Brand | Blog

Behind the Brand | Blog

This blog post is to help connect with you, the customer, and show you what we as a brand do to plan and produce our products. We appreciate feedback on our posts and if you have anything that you would like us to cover or talk about then please comment down below!  

OneOff Apparel is a brand that strives to produce one of a kind apparel, hence the name OneOff, that will stand the test of time. OneOff Apparel was started the 23rd of September 2019 in Livingston, Scotland. The barcode design was the main reason behind the naming of the brand, barcodes are mostly one of a kind and so the name OneOff came into fruition.

The barcode was quite a unique look for a brand and looked interesting with exciting typography, after a few developments of the horror like logo it became the face of the brand. After a few weeks the first batch of t-shirts were produced and almost sold out within the first day.

The model of OneOff came to me when I was in college studying Graphics at Glasgow Clyde College, I had the use of Illustrator and Photoshop so it was great to be able to develop and create different products by using mock up’s and using different font files. I hope that OneOff Apparel continues to grow ever slightly and I hope I thank you for the support that customers show on social media and by purchasing our products!

Thank you, Euan - Owner

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