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Development Process | Blog

This blog post is to help connect with you, the customer, and show you what we as a brand do to plan and produce our products. We appreciate feedback on our posts and if you have anything that you would like us to cover or talk about then please comment down below!  

The development process at OneOff Apparel is a long process so that we get it right for the customer. We go through multiple variants of the one design and tend to take it as far as we can, we critique and pull everything out of the design and overall if it doesn't look the part it doesn't make the cut. We use mock up's and print of templates to make rough prototypes and get the measurements and dimensions right, we cover every area and make sure that the end product has been thought out thoroughly.

Every individual part of our products have been developed, whether that be labels, swing tags or how the artwork is printed onto the garment. We go through different styles and assess the final outcome of the products, we do this so that we make and deliver the best product possible to the customer. Quality is our main goal when delivering our products, we strive for accuracy and we make sure that what we design on the computer is replicated in physical form. 

When products are finally complete and sent from production to the customer, we are always coming up with new ways to top what we have previously accomplished, we even think of different label placements and how the product is presented on our social media and our website. We take everything that we have done and essentially recreate it from scratch, but we always strive to improve and take our products to the next level, we are hoping to eventually bring out solid collections that will show off our brand really well and show you what OneOff is all about.

Thank you, Euan - Owner

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